Snap On Pressure Washer With 1,600 PSI Review

Snap On Pressure Washer Review

The Snap On Pressure Washer is very lightweight and is designed specifically for dealing efficiently with small – medium home cleaning tasks. This doesn’t mean that the Snap On Pressure Washer can’t handle the tougher tasks however and it is actually manufactured with high quality materials, for example it has brass fittings compared to other models built with plastic fittings.

The Snap On Pressure Washer delivers 1600 PSI of water pressure and comes with a 20 foot hose. You have great flexibility and all it takes to adjust the water flow / spray pattern, is the push of a button. It is a high quality model that will get almost all the tasks an average home requires done. These tasks include: Cleaning your car, barbecues, siding, boats, ATVs, floor, garage and sidewalk.

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Snap On Pressure Washer Features and Specifications

  • 1600 PSI of Water pressure
  • Patented total stop system that will ultimately result in a longer pump life
  • 20 foot high pressure hose included
  • Special spray gun with fully adjustable pressure nozzle
  • 30 foot power cord with GFCI protection
  • Simple and stylish design

Snap On Pressure Washer Reviews

About 10 people have taken the time to write a review on this particular electric pressure washer and we were pleased to see that there were no negative reviews on this product. The majority of people rate this product 5/5 while about 20% rate it 4/5. This is not a bad score at all and during our research we took a closer look at what it was people really liked and didn’t like about this electric pressure washer.

The first thing a couple of people mentioned was the simplicity of this tool. They commented that they basically got started using the Snap On Pressure Washer within a couple of minutes of opening the box.

The next thing almost everyone liked about the Snap On Pressure Washer was the fact that it had brass fittings and seemed really durable. Almost everyone who has tried this product has had a really easy time cleaning stuff like their cars, windows, walls, concrete floor etc.

Here is a direct quote from one customer who took the time to write a review: “I bought it a week ago and got a chance to use it to wash my Venza yesterday. With the quick steps manual, the installation was very easy taking me about 5 minutes. (Do remember to have a garden hose to connect the unit from the house.) The make and the material are robust. When I turned it on, it just did the job very well. I love it and hope that I had it long ago.”

One thing we have to mention is the fact that a few people thought the Snap On Pressure Washer would be a little inadequate for larger/more uncommon household tasks. However the majority of people disagree with this and give the Snap On Pressure Washer a lot of praise.

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For this same reason we can recommend the Snap On Pressure Washer, to people who need a solid product that can handle most household tasks. The Snap On Pressure Washer is definitely a worthwhile investment..

Snap On Pressure Washer



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